Guided tour of Chinatown

If you’re looking for exoticism in Paris, come to Chinatown, 13th district !Known as the biggest Chinatown of Europe, it grew in the years 1970 further to a massive influx of chinese people fleeing southeast asian countries’ dictatures .At the same time, a real estate program, named “Italie 13”, which hadn’t found buyers – leaving many empty towers, enabled these populations to have an accommodation.

In a bustling neighborhood, from Olympiades to Porte de Choisy, we’ll see, amongst others, the Olympiades esplanade, the famous supermarkets of the Tang brothers and Paris Store, the best Peking duck of Paris, some renowned cake shops , and 2 bouddhist temples, the only places where you can feel serenity, contrasting with the effervescence of the district.You may have the feeling, at the end of the tour, that you’ve been very far !

Photo credits : Emilie Robaldo