Guided tour of Passy

Formely, Passiacum was a hamlet of woodcutters, winegrowers and ploughmen ;

in Middle Ages it became a seigneury adorned with castles and vineyards, between the hill of Chaillot and Rouvray forest (the future Bois de Boulogne). At the same time, the reputation of the place grew thanks to its famous ferruginous and good-for-health waters : in this way the village turned into a vacation an cure place, well-liked by all Paris. The past of La Muette castle isn’t empty of schemers and unrepeatable stories…

The country-style Passy resisted until the early XXth century.

However, even if modernity took its legitimate place in the distrcit (the Eiffel tower, The Perret brothers’ buildings…), some parts of countryside, making the place so special, have been saved: Jean Bologne square and its church tower , the lovely Maison de Balzac, or even the rue Berton, one of the most picturesque of Paris…

This tour will take us to the front of the Ranelagh gardens, former park of La Muette castle, to the very lively rue de Passy and its surroundings, a beautiful Modern style building, the Maison de Balzac, the hôtel de Lamballe, the unusual Wine museum, and to the rim of Trocadéro.


Photo credits : Emilie Robaldo