Guided tour of the Latin quarter over the Bievre

The Bièvre, second river of Paris, before being totally recovered in Paris in 1912, was very well reputed for its freshness and quality of its waters , and was closer to a stormy torrent than to a peaceful and quiet river. This freshness disappeared since the installation of artisans on its banks, soiling it with waste and filth : the pretty river became a kind of open sewer.

Coming out of the Seine river at the actual Austerlitz train station, its meanders used to criss-cross eastern and southern latin quarter : the Plants Garden, Saint-Médard’s burg, and Saint-Marcel’s faubourg, with the Gobelins Manufactory.

Our stroll will make us meet the Ancient Paris with the oldest monument of Paris (the Arènes de Lutèce), souvenirs of Philippe-Auguste surrounding wall, the charm of alleys at the bottom of the mount Saint-Genevieve, the picturesque rue Mouffetard, and a lovely church, that would become famous because a strange event that marked the history of the neighborhood : the Convulsionnaires of Saint-Médard…











Photo credits : Emilie Robaldo