Guided tour of the Musée d’Orsay

Until 1986, we used to miss a museum which shows art of the 2nd part of the XIXth century : there are no works of art made after 1848 at the Louvre, and those in the Centre Pompidou are from the XXth century… Creation of a new museum was obvious, in the 1970’s ; it was inaugurated 16 years later.

Set up in the old train station of Orsay, created for the Universal Exhibition of 1900 on the bygone palace of Orsay, this museum exhibits masterpieces of painting (not only), which mark the beginning of modernity, and the movement which upset art of painting : impressionnism.

The visit permits to have a global vision about evolution of painting from the XIXth c. (and about art in general, until 1914) : around the Impressionnists (Renoir’s portraits, Monet’s landscapes, Degas’s ballet dancers, or the famous Luncheon on the grass by Manet), other tendencies appeared, like expressionnism (Van Gogh), pointillism (Seurat, Signac), or the “Nabis” (it goes near abstraction…) ; but beyond painting, let’s get interested in art of caricature (Daumier’s funny raw clays), or the very beautiful collection Art Nouveau on the 1st floor.