Your guide

I gratuated in a professional career in Tourism, I am holder of the Regional guide-interpreter card, and with a degree in Art History ; I started my career as a guide-interpreter in 2008 with the agency Guidatours in Versailles, for 2 years.

Since August 2010, besides a part-time job, I’ve been declared as self-employed to create my own guided tours of Paris, that I consider like the achievement of my passion.

I am keen on art (with a preference for medieval architecture, Art Nouveau and painting), history (particularily for the XIXth century), geography and foreign languages, speaking French (my mother tongue), English, Spanish, and a bit of Mandarin (I gratuated recently the exam HSK level 3).I engage myself to provide you guided tours equal to your expectations, and to give you the desire to discover more Paris and its surroundings !